Halloween Makeup How to: Jaguar Makeup

halloween makeup

Looking for something sexy but easy to do for makeup this Halloween? It is a classic cat makeup with a twist. This look is sure to turn heads! I will go step by step and tell you how you can create this look.

Step 1
Apply foundation, fill in brows and do a smokey eye using neutral colours (I used Smashbox Full Exposure Palette). Make sure to extend the liner in the inner corner of the eyes to get a more feline effect. And of course apply the biggest lashes you can find.

Step 2
Using black gel liner or liquid (I used Stila Gel liner) fill in your top lip. Draw black all around the bottom on your nose and then connect your nose to your lip.

Step 3
Draw either whiskers or dots. It is just a personal preference here. I prefer whiskers.

Step 4
Now the fun part, using the black gel or liquid liner draw little black shapes down one side of your face. Make some a half circle, some more pointed and others complete circles.

Step 5
Use a gold eyeshadow (I used Lise Watier 24 Carats lose shadow), with either water or Lise Watier Metamorfix and make the shadow into a paste. Then fill in the black circles and designs you just made.

The hair – If you don’t have any cat ears then you can make your own!

Step 1
Make two little pony tails on either side of the head where you want your ears to be.

Step 2
Wrap the hair around your two fingers.

Step 3
Secure the hair with bobby pins. Make sure they don’t show. I also put one or two bobby pins straight up and down on the outer side of the “ear” to keep its shape.

Tip: Getting this makeup off will be a little difficult with waterproof liner over much of your face – use an oil cleanser on dry skin. This will be the best and quickest way to get your face clean before bed.

Happy Halloween!